Antwerp Dub Club Pt. 1 ft. Serendipity Soundsystem & Bloodhound Soundsystem

antwerp dub club pt 1


23 okt 2021






Fort 2, Wommel


For our first edition we are proud to announce Serendipity Soundsystem to please our ears at our ‘Roots Rockers Café’. You can enjoy a beer, some Irie foods or just chill while enjoying the sun. Serendipity will do their very best to add some musical additive to it! From their Mobile SoundSystem, they will provide us with their vision on Roots Rockers. But first, a little more about their project. What Started with a 12V Speaker Project. Ended up with a variety of different systems. Each with its own unique characteristics.

Nowadays Serendipity Sound System is a 100% self sufficient mobile soundsystem. It’s custom built with recycled materials. It runs on solar’ charged batteries, this way its suitable for all type of environments where there is no electricity provided or difficult to get, like forests, desolate places, streets, abandoned buildings,… Anywhere they go, music is the key! It runs strictly conscious & positive records in all styles and genres. The bass sounds heavy and the top sounds crisp!! Sirens and mic juices the vibes!

DUB CORNER: 20u-03u

And again, We are proud to announce Bloodhound Soundsystem! They will be providing the Soundsystem in our Dub Corner, This badboys know how to dub-it and are so glad to show you their wonderfull collection of the best Roots, Dub & Steppa’s again inna di dance! A little more about Bloodhound Soundsystem: Only a few years ago, this relatively young crew started building their own sound system. Just by collecting some old speakers and putting them together to build up the right knowledge of the soundsystem culture.

So they started building new speakers one by one. In the meanwhile, a few years later, they play with a crisp n ‘clean, heavy weight sound system of over 50.000 Watts to share their musical vibes with us. Already at many places they made the earth shake, as Zappa (Antwerp), MS Hoeve (Antwerp), till the small backroom’s of the local cafés! So prepare for another great evening in front of the home made system, Bloodhound Soundsystem!