Kenyatta ‘CULTURE’ Hill & Two7sClash Band | I&I Foundation | Willemeen, Arnhem | 25-10-2024




Willemeen, Arnhem




25 okt 2024

Kenyatta “CULTURE” Hill and his by TWO7sCLASH Band are coming to Willemeen in Arnhem. Culture can be seen as a true pioneer in the roots reggae genre. Started in the – for reggae – golden 70s and continuously praised ever since. ‘Two Sevens Clash’ was the first introduction to the mythical trio and was immediately awarded ‘Reggae Album of the Year’ in ’77. With legendary albums such as ‘Nuff Crisis’, ‘Cumbolo’ and ‘Wings of a Dove’, roots reggae was definitely put on the map.

Milo Miles, journalist of The New York Times, previously called Culture ’the leading exponent of conscious reggae’. After the death of the ever-so-charismatic frontman Joseph Hill, the vocals are now taken over by his son, Kenyatta Hill.

🇬🇳🎧 In between and after the show, DJ Roots Dawta plays the most delicious reggae tunes.

I&I Foundation is a new 9-piece reggae band based in Arnhem with its own sound and style. With Geraldi on the drums, Lion on the bass, Tjaka and Linton on the guitar, Joost on the keys, Arjen on the percussion, Erik on the trombone, Jan-Willem on the sax and Lighta as lead singer. They play their own work with some covers here and there.

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