Gyal a Bubble | 12 yrs Anniversary | Paradiso, Amsterdam | 13-07-2024




Paradiso, Amsterdam


13 Jul 2024

Gyal a Bubble is known for its insane mix of dancehall, afrobeats, bati sanka and reggae. In July, Gyal a Bubble will perform at Paradiso for the first time because of the 12th anniversary and the birthday of DJ D-Train.

Gyal a Bubble started in 2012 in Club Legend Almere and grew to clubs throughout the Netherlands such as Tilburg, Groningen and Leeuwarden with club nights and private raves. This year we will celebrate in a big way in Paradiso during the birthday of DJ D-Train. It promises to be a night full of diverse musical styles, perfect for dancing until the early hours of the morning. At Gyal a Bubble, a party is guaranteed and this edition is no exception.

“Top DJs, live acts and an energetic atmosphere – that’s what Gyal a Bubble stands for. Don’t miss it!”

  • Dopebwoy
  • Kalibwoy
  • Bokoesam
  • ValsBezig
  • D-opss
  • D-Train
  • DJ MBA
  • DJ Jah
  • Madbwoy
  • Steesko
  • Ghennesis
  • Rudebwoy Matsko

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