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Reggae Agenda was created in 2013, from the need to create an overview of all the reggae related events in the Netherlands. Our mission is simple. We want to support, stimulate and facilitate the Dutch Reggae scene and movement. Therefore we deliver a complete overview of all Reggae, Dub, Soundsystem and aligned events, festivals in the Netherlands, Belgium and surrounding countries. It is even possible for you as an organizer, label or artist to add the events yourself. Next to this website we created ReggaeZine; a magazine full of interviews and reggae-releated content. We are always on the move. In interviewing artists, supporting musicians and fulljoying proper Soundsystem ourselves!  Reggea Agenda is completely independent and non-judgemental, but will always uphold a conscious mindset in which music to support. We don’t deal with slackness, hate or any other negativity. More love is what we need!