Henny, een reggaesaluut door Rootsriders | Het Bolwerk, Sneek | 23-03-2024




Het Bolwerk, Sneek




23 mrt 2024

With a cheerful reggae show full of songs by Henny Vrienten from his Doe Maar period, Rootsriders say goodbye to 1 of their greatest childhood heroes. Together with singer Tjerk Schoonheim, Rootsriders pay tribute to Henny Vrienten, the frontman of Doe Maar who passed away in 2022, under the name Henny, saying goodbye to a childhood hero: a Reggae salute.

As the singer of Doe Maar, Henny brought his reggae-inspired songs to the highest echelons of the Dutch charts and became without a doubt one of the biggest advocates of the genre in the Netherlands.