Rocking Revelations: Cirque du Babylon | Terra Soundsystem | JH Comma, Brugge | 17-09-2022




JH Comma, Brugge


17 sep 2022
Come and see, come and see!!
Terra Soundsytem comin in again for you and you and you, after a long time corona thing!
Presenting to you Rockin Revalations: Cirque Du Babylon.
A chant for our freedom in the madness called Babylon!
So rock and step in the direction of jeugdhuis de Comma in de Binnenweg 4, 8000 Brugge on the 17th of september.
A meeting with Terra Sound Ls Uhuru Sound, comin straight from Leuven to provide roots and culture and message music at your pleasure!
Rocking along with Terra Sound and providing musical support is Brassman.
Trodding aside Uhuru Sound is Wandering lion.
2 magical and musical artists comin to light up the place with their sax!
And last but not least our Masters of Cermony, no less than Dub Tubbie and Baba T.
To support the sounds lyricaly and spiritualy, giving guidance and chanting truths and rights.
So step in come in and let us chant down babylon!!