Roots & Culture 2022 | Zappa, Antwerp | 11-11-2022




Zappa, Antwerp


11 nov 2022
After a long break we present to you an upfull night with no one other than Jah Shaka the Mighty Zulu Warrior. This enigmatic UK Soundsystem legend started his works in the late 60’s as an operator but built his own Jah Shaka Soundsystem in the 70’s. Always performing solo, he creates a spiritual Roots and Dub atmosphere like no one other! He always stayed true to the Roots Music but is also a big promotor for the new Dub/Roots Music that’s produced nowadays.

When your tune gets played by Shaka. You are on the right way! And of course he will have with him a suitcase filled up with Dubplates! Be ready for a night of inspiring musical edutainment. The Soundsystem for the night will be provided by Waga Waga, which means ‘fat’ in Patois. They will come with 9 Scoops to guarantee us a big fat sound night. On mic duty, King Samir from the Equality Soundcrew!

All Tribes Welcome. Jah Rastafari

See you there ina Roots & Culture style.
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