Meta and the Cornerstones | Bredius, Woerden | 22-06-2024


Podium Bredius, Woerden






22 Jun 2024

Sometimes there are those concerts that you just have to attend. This will be one of them, Meta & The Cornerstones (Senegal/New York) live at Podium Bredius (better known to many as Babylon) which has been an important center for the emerging punk (and reggae) movement in the first years of its existence. Many a great band has played here in the early days. World A Reggae and Babylon want to bring back these times of yesteryear in this small historic venue. Be quick because there is only a limited number of cards.

Meta Dia was born in Senegal and now lives in New York. At the age of fourteen he was already performing in the streets and stages of Dakar. Nat Geo Music proclaimed him ‘The Future Of Reggae Music’.

WWW: Meta & The Cornerstones @ Podium Bredius in Woerden