Rebelutie Album Release | MC STEF & Das de Rijmmaniak | Louis David Schinkel, Amsterdam | 11-05-2024


Louis David Schinkels, Amsterdam




11 mei 2024

Yes dear people, The time has finally come. The Rebelution Album Release party which is already being called “The Release Party Of The Year” in the corridors, will take place on May 11 @ Bar Café Louis-Davids Schinkel. This evening will be topped with delicious Reggae by the DJs Hobbol & Sound Cista and of course the live performances of MC STEF & Das de Rijmmaniak with their new album Rebelutie.

They will certainly not do this alone because they have brought a can of artists that you will say you will be proud of!! Superstar E-Mann comes over from Dominica. Hip-Hop veteran Kiddo-Cee will be present, Jeppe the hit writer, the Brabant MC/Singer Okwaro will do his thing. The Amsterdam raw Femcee Lotivation will come to shake up the tent and of course the Rebels homie Intrest can’t miss it. Super dope singer Elisheba and her guitar rocking male. D-Red will also be present.

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