Rootman J & ZionYouth Crew | Retrorock, Waalwijk | 08-06-2024


Retrorock, Waalwijk




08 Jun 2024

Rootman J is  teamed up with top experienced and same ambitioned musicians the band brings  out own original compact and powerful sound that carries out different accents  Roots Rock Reggae, to Ska,  Afrobeatt other dancehall till the modern Reggae with a Dub influences…The lyrics mostly as massager speaks out about actuality, environment al questions, Love, Peace, Unity, Freedom,  consciousness and  other…and as purpose  bringing all people in One Perfect Love and Unity (Bob Marley)  in party style…

Rootman J and the Zionyouth Crew is more than just a band supporting a school building project in Africa (Togo) as we believe primary educations and food for all  children  in Africa and in the world  and emancipation of girls and women in Africa  will make a difference in Africa as in the world …., You can appreciate our music’s live on stage or  tribute tour reggae elders  and feel our groovy harmonies  and  sunshine melodies that can’t make  you stand still …!!!

Rootsman J & ZionYouth Crew @ Retrock