Rootz Lions ft. Prince Jamo | Grounds, Rotterdam | 16-09-2023


Podium Grounds, Rotterdam






16 sep 2023
Rootz Lions performed live at festivals like Nacht van de Kaap and the North Sea with the “Dub Meets Horns” project, featuring Hornsman Coyote and King Cooper. They recorded several albums at the legendary Earthworks Studio of Ben King. Also they toured with international roots reggae artists such as: Donovan Kingjay, Earl Sixteen and Chezidek. On the 16th of September they will adorn the stage of Grounds!

Prince Jamo

In 2017, the Rootz Lions had the honor of hosting Prince Jamo at their fantastic festival in Zandvoort, the Netherlands. Their collaboration on stage was a memorable experience for both the audience and the artists. Since then, the Rootz Lions have eagerly awaited the perfect opportunity to bring Prince Jamo back to the Netherlands for another joint performance. They have been patiently planning for the right timing to create another remarkable musical event together.