Steel and Stone LIVE | KOFA, Vlaardingen | 13-04-2024




KOFA, Vlaardingen


13 apr 2024
Steel and Stone is a Roots-Reggae band from Rotterdam, the Netherlands. The band was formed in 2016 when lead singer Brantley MacDonald decided to elevate his music to the next step. Brantley comes from a family of musicians, his uncle Star David (who got his artist name from Bob Marley) was part of the first Reggae Band in the Netherlands called Communication. From an early age he got inspired by the songs of his uncle and at the age of 18 year Brantley started to write his own songs. In 2005 he and then fellow musicians Cealdino Oliveira, Patrick Marcelino and Martijn van der Woerd formed the band Forecast Jah Reign.

From there on the musical root that was once planted started to grow. Forecast Jah Reign split up in 2013 after the release of their sold out album ‘Feel’. Steel and Stone released there first album ‘Crystal Skies’ in 2022. The album is a compilation of songs produced by Mass Production Studio during the early days of Brantley’s work as the lead singer of Steel and Stone. In 2021 Steel and Stone independently released their first single and music video ‘Desire’. In 2023 Steel and Stone joined forced with reggae artist Ras Ejah. He is known for his powerful chants and uplifting energy on and of the stage.

The band is now vocally led by both Brantley MacDonald and Ras Ejah. The live sets of Steel and Stone are known to be powerful and meditative and the band performs year round. To name a few highlight in their career; Performance at the legendary One Love Festival in the United Kingdom, Uk Tour 2019. Oerol Festival, Terschelling 2022. Reggae Lake Festival, Amsterdam 2022. Here you can see the recap of the performances of 2023. The band is currently working on a new live album, more details will follow early 2024. The sound of Steel and Stone is characterized by the use of heavy bass lines and alternative modern melodies. The lyrics of their songs are all about truthfully and up-fully telling stories about the world, love and praising the most high Jah Rastafari.

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