Winston Francis & Change the Mood | P60, Amstelveen | 25-05-2024


P60, Amstelveen






25 mei 2024

Celebrating the 80th birthday of legendary singer Winston Francis was a heartwarming celebration last year. So why don’t we honour him by celebrating his 81st birthday with you too, with a great show at a musical party in his trusty P60?

About Winston Francis:
With his unmistakable voice, unforgettable songs and unbridled energetic performance, he is an icon in the world of ska, rocksteady and reggae and a living legend who has captured the hearts of fans around the world for decades. And how special is it that at the age of 81 you still act like that as if you were 18? On this special night, Winston Francis, nicknamed ‘Mr Fix it’, will be joined by Change the Mood, this band originated from a number of members of Rude Rich and the High Notes. That band has accompanied Winston Francis and many other musical ska & reggae icons for years during their shows in the Netherlands and abroad.

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