Ziggi Recado | Gebr. de Nobel, Leiden | 06-09-2024


Gebr. De Nobel, Leiden






06 sep 2024

Ziggi Recado is set to perform at Gebroeders de N0bel in Leiden. Dance with Ziggi to Caribbean beats. He seamlessly blends soulful jazz and hip-hop elements with roots, lovers’ rock and dancehall reggae. His recent productions and collaborations incorporate elements of afrobeat, trap, house, and reggaeton, reflecting a musical palette as diverse as the Caribbean. With impressive performances at major international festivals and venues such as Roskilde (Denmark), Lowlands (Netherlands), Festineuch (Switzerland), Couleur Café (Belgium), Cabaret Sauvage (France), Super Bock Fest (Portugal), Reggae on the River (California) and even performances in India and Africa, Ziggi Recado has captivated audiences with his distinctive voice and live performances. Ziggi’s music and performances bring together an influence from the Caribbean and Europe to complement his singing, style, and production.

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