Dub Basement #1 | Murjah Warriors Sound Art System | 8sixA, Amsterdam | 18-06-2022




8sixA, Amsterdam




18 Jun 2022
The 8sixA “invites” series goes on with the fifth Dub/Reggae appointment.
This time with a real handmade Reggae Sound System!
The aim is to create a common experience with other realities that surround us.
All live performances will be recorded and published on 8sixA’s YouTube channel.

Line Up:
Dub Nico
Jah Sonic
Priti Pangi
Majestic B
Biste SLKT
Murjah Warriors ft. Mandlion

Powered by Murjah Warriors Sound Art System. Artwork by Michele Bolognese.
This event is free for all 8sixA subscribers.