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Cactus, Brugge




01 apr 2023
“The Healing of the Nations” Sound System from Amsterdam, Europe’s ground-breaking sound. King Shiloh Sound System, based in Amsterdam, Holland, is an international, independently operating, roots reggae & dub sound system, founded and inspired through the inspiration of Jah Rastafari in 1991. The state of the art 40kw 6-way stereo sound system is at the heart of all activities. King Shiloh are known as the traveling sound, they have covered more distance than any other in Europe and are responsible for putting up some of the most legendary events of the early 2000’s.

Many will remember traveling to Amsterdam for the bunker sessions @ NDSM, or DubY2K. These where ground-breaking sessions that inspired a whole new generation of sound systems across the continent. The King Shiloh Majestic Music Label is one of the most successful in its genre. From the first release on the 23rd of July 1997 there has been a catalogue of top releases including some of the greatest vocalists of our time. Working closely with producer Dub Creator, and also Iyah One, from the Shiloh family provides many of the unique dub plates played on the sound. Other productions from Gussie P, Disciples, Vibronics etc. have all blessed the label.

Get ready for a unique and uplifting soundsystem expierence @ Dub Revolution!
King Shiloh family all night! (Source: Dub Revolution)

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