King Shiloh Soundsystem Ethiopia – Bredda Neil about the 1st Great Ethiopian Soundsystem festival

King Shiloh - Bredda Neil about 1t Great Ethiopian Soundsystem Festival
Bredda Neil in Addis Abeba, Ethiopia

King Shiloh Soundsystem Festival in Ethiopia. Blessed, Ones & ones came from all continents. To rally round the red, gold &green. From all corners of creation. No matter what race or creed. Like-minded ones came together to celebrate in peace love & unity. It’s our destiny… it’s about hearing the call, the call coming from the mountains of Zion. And about heeding that call, and feeling a need to be part of this mystical movement.

Why is Ethiopia so special for You, the Shiloh Family and all Rastafarians?

As Rastafarians, we have always looked towards Afrika & in particular Ethiopia, it was always our focal point, our goal to reach Ethiopia… it’s the birthplace of Emperor Haile Sellassie I, our inspiration & joy, our guiding star. By being there we can feel His presence, His guidance & His Love, it’s a recharging of the batteries, a strengthening of our faith. Yessss, Ethiopia is special, so special.

It was such a joy to see elder rasses & Ethiopians alike skanking to tunes made 40 years ago on the island of Jamaica, tunes which inspired all of us to be what we are; Rastafarians

What can you tell us about the spiritual place called Ethiopia?

I would need to write a book bredrin, to even start to explain about this amazing country Ethiopia… its the resting place of the Ark of the Covenant & thus the place Jah Love to be, everywhere u go u experience a deep spirituality. From the northern cities of Lalibella & Axum, to the Simeon Mountains, down the king’s highway to Shashemene, east to Harar & further fwd to Danakil or west thru Addis to South Sudan… it so incredible… Spirituality around every corner! Then there’s the unique balance of Faiths, equal amounts of Christians & Muslims living together in harmony, a lesson to the rest of the world, about acceptance & tolerance, overstanding. There is but one Jah, and many paths to reach him… who is one to criticize the next one who chooses a different path?

Niyanbinghi Tabernacle, Shashemane, Ethiopia

Playing in Ethiopia on Soundsystem must be a dream come true. This wasn’t your first session in Ethiopia, but it was the first one with Soundsystem. How was this experience for you?

It was a blessing mi bredda! King Shiloh Soundsystem in Ethiopia. The culmination of 25 years of working hard towards a goal, never faltering or weakening on our mission, just believing whole-heartedly in what we do, being true to ourselves. It was such a joy to see elder rasses & Ethiopians alike skanking to tunes made 40 years ago on the island of Jamaica, tunes which inspired all of us to be what we are; Rastafarians. Tunes like Afrika from Dennis Brown, Addis Ababa from Willie Williams on Studio One, King of kings
from Whayne Wade on Yabby U’s label, Conquering Lion… those foundation tunes deya!

You are involved in organizing this trip from day 1. The trip got canceled before due to political issues but you stood your ground (together with and made it happen. Where does your drive come from to share beautiful Ethiopia and bring people to the land of the father?

Yes, from the Father, from Sellassie I, the manifestation of Jah on earth, He is our inspiration… it was never in doubt Iyah, from the first steps we set on the land we knew we had to share this amazing experience….. u know, Ethiopia has never been conquered… pause a second, think about that… not many countries can claim that in their history… it has such a powerful effect on Ethiopians, they are independent, industrious, joyous people… we love Ethiopia and have a duty to help others make their dream become a reality by helping them across the ‘bridge’. It’s our Father’s land, were proud of it, and want others to appreci-love it too…….

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