DUBMACHINE | Orion Visitors Soundsystem (NL) | ADM-Noord, Amsterdam | 04-06-2022


ADM-Noord, Amsterdam (NL)


14:00 - 14:00


04 Jun 2022

Orion Visitors presents you with another edition of DubMachine at ADM-Noord in Amsterdam. We’re excited to announce that this session will take place at “Het Groene Veld”, the new free space organised by the ADM-noord community in Amsterdam. This new and beautiful place allows us to do our first ALL DAY dub session. Featuring more selecta’s & MC’s than ever before, and to top it of, the Reggae band Bagjuice will join us to do a set! We are also accompanied by Waxworks, who are bringing a wide variety of records to browse through. And as usual, an appropriate meal in the evening.

– Bagjuice (NL)
– Shamba Lion Sound (NL)
– Dub Up Hi-Fi (BE)
– Jah Marshall w/ Lyrical Benjie (FR)/(NL)
– Thunder of Jah Army w/ Galas (IT)/(SN)
– Jah Code (NL)
Entrance on donation
Time : 14:00 till 02:00
Capacity: 250
No parking!

Het Groene Veld is a short walk from metro station Noord, and we request everyone to try and come by bike or public transport.