Guiding Ark Soundsystem | Pacha Mama Soundsystem | WSC, Den Bosch | 09-12-2023


08:00 - 18:00


03 nov 2023
Guiding Ark proudly presents:
— Dubbing Is A Must #2 —

Line up:
☆ Pacha Mama started building their own soundsystem in 2011. They co-hosted the regular soundsystem sessions ”Rewind” in Den Bosch for years and have been an inspiration for us ever since. Besides the sessions in Den Bosch they have hosted multiple sessions in Tilburg (Dub Smederij) with invitations such as Kibir La Amlak, Black Board Jungle and Channel One. Lately, they have been focussing a lot on their studio works, resulting in a lot of crucial tunes including vocalists like Strawl and Earl 16.
☆ Guiding Ark started out with a weekly radio show around 8 years ago, inspired by the regular soundsystem event Rewind. After a few years, the time was right to build their own soundsystem, which has been up and running for almost 5 years now. Since then they have been hosting multiple sessions, with various guests from NL & BE.

📅 9 December
🎵 Roots / Reggae / Dub
🎫 €7 before 20:00 – €10 after
📍 World Skate Center, Den Bosch
🔊 Both sounds will play with 4 scoops each

Artwork by: Max Rijkers
Come in peace and with love.
Mark the date and run come dance!

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