Leave Babylon (NYE Dub) | Kortrijk, Belgie | 31-12-2022


Kortrijk, Belgium






31 dec 2022
yes family, we are back!
NYE dub in a leaving Babylon style!a day full of education, community and sound system culture. What better way to end the year with the people in our community we respect & love so much. start the new year full with new vibes and ideas. to work on the challenges the future will bring. and how the soundsystem community can work together to be more self sufficient and sustainable…


*community corner
kick of 16h: string up and sound check with youth&truth soundsystem. Feel welcome to help out if you want to get involved and learn more about running a sound system

17h docu: food forest: by Louis dejaeger a look into Belgium’s pioneering food forest farmers. why food forest and permaculture are farming systems that will be significant important for the future.

18h podcast with Don fe and Prof. Frank Oldfield. on climate change.
Edu and don Fe have been working together with prof. oldfield on making a podcast the Prof his contribution to climate change research have been significant, and is a wel respected authority on the matter. with this podcast we will have a small look into the contribution prof Oldfield brought to climate change research.

19h community talk and reasoning. How can we as a community work towards a sustainable sound system community. Where do we want to go with the leaving Babylon movement?
keep organizing small or big events, starting a lb educational center? Feel welcome to join the debate and reasoning

19h till 23h
there wil be a feast meal provided for a democratic price.
Sound System Corner

20h till late

ft. Ras tinny, Don Fe, Forward Fever
*YOUTH & TRUTH Sound system