On Air Sessions #001 | Kingston Echo, Uptown Hifi | JH De Moeve, Lier (BE) | 03-02-2024


JH De Moeve, Lier (BE)






03 feb 2024

On Air Soundsystem is all set to kick off the new year with nothing but good vibrations inna Lier! We’ve invited 2 soundsystem crews and 1 producer to join the dance – don’t miss out!

Kingston Echo
Hailing from Antwerp, the music maestro Kingston Echo operates his musical alchemy from a Hi-Fi studio nestled in the heart of Hoboken. His unique approach is a testament to the analog realm, where live instruments find their way onto tape, and dub mixes come to life in a single take. Utilizing vintage mixers and analog effects, Echo’s distinctive style pays homage to the roots reggae sound of the ’70s, infused with nods to the British roots of the ’70s and ’80s. In this creative journey, he masterfully adds a recognizable and personal touch to the timeless echoes of reggae.

Uptown Hi-Fi
The Roots Youths from Geel bring forth music that joyfully carries a conscious message within.

Sailah Soundsystem
The rebellious members of Sailah Soundsystem will bring the sun, the sea, and the positive vibes to you. Let yourself be carried away by the groovy melodies and leave your worries behind.

On Air Soundsystem w/ Turn It Dub crew
Our very own crew is primed and ready to take you on a sonic journey, with a uniquely curated vinyl selection and the full power of the soundsystem. Get ready to go live on air and let the conscious message resonate through the masses.
Saturday 3 February – from 21:00 till 04:00
Jeugdhuis De Moeve, 2500 Lier

♫ Early Rootsman: €5* (last tickets !!)
♫ Dub Lova: €7**All our ticket prices are incl. €2 service fee, no hidden costs 💸

Buy 4 tickets and receive 1 for free, tell a friend to bring a friend 😉

Special thanks to Jeugdhuis De Moeve, Shakura Energy & Turn It Dub

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