RUN DI DUB | Pacha Mama Soundsystem | Slachthuis, Haarlem | 13-07-2024




Het Slachthuis, Haarlem




13 Jul 2024

RUN DI DUB! is a new event that brings together people who have a passion for Soundsystem Culture. It’s the perfect opportunity to enjoy roots reggae and dub. Each edition brings a different sound system, the deepest bass and most immersive, warmest and conscious sounds. During this second edition, PACHA MAMA SOUNDSYSTEM & ROOTSMAN SAX will come to Slachthuis Haarlem. You can expect a good mix of roots reggae, rocksteady, ska, new roots and dub! They are assisted by Rootsman Sax! JAH CODE provides a nice warming up of the evening.

PACHA MAMA SOUNDSYSTEM is a passionate collective from Den Bosch. Since 2011 they have been working together to enrich the sound system scene in the Netherlands.
With a unique blend of roots reggae, rocksteady, ska, new roots and dub, Pacha Mama Soundsystem creates an immersive musical experience.

FB: RUN DI DUB ft. Pacha Mama Soundsystem & Rootsman Sax