Smederij Sound Meeting | Guiding Ark & Inner East | Club Smederij, Tilburg | 02-07-2022


De Smederij, Tilburg






02 Jul 2022

Inner East Soundsystem

Inner East is a collective of four people. They started hosting regular soundsystem sessions in Tilburg since 2014 and later on started building their own soundsystem in 2019. After years of hard work they have finally finished their first full stack. What better way to put it to test than a proper soundmeeting?!

Guiding Ark Soundsystem

Guiding Ark started out with a weekly radio show around 7 years ago, inspired by the regular soundsystem event “Rewind”. After a few years they decided the time was right to build their our own soundsystem. Since then they have been hosting multiple sessions, with various guests from NL & BE. They finished their first full stack earlier this year and are now – more then ever – ready to spread the concious message of reggae music.

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