Waga ls. Bangarang & Wabi Sabi | Waga Waga Soundsystem | JH Tiener, Herentals (BE) | 17-06-2022


JH Tiener, Herentals (BE)




17 Jun 2022
Long time since we set foot ina Herentals with the soundsystem, back in Jeughuis Tiener after 3 years. Happy to invite these 2 crews in di dance 💥💥
▶️ Wabi Sabi Reggae Collective
▶️ Bangarang Sound Station
🎛 All playing on Waga Waga Soundsystem
🎤 lyrical guidance by King Samir
Running from 21H till 4H,
Location: JH Tiener,
Grote Markt 41, 2200 Herentals
Roots rock reggae all night