Waga Waga x Roots Garage Soundsystem | JH De Vonk, Geel (BE) | 23-12-2022


Jeugdhuis Vonk, Geel (BE)






23 dec 2022

Inviting the mighty ROOTS GARAGE SOUNDSYSTEM outta Bruges to nice up JH De Vonk. Soundmeeting ina unity longside WAGA WAGA SOUNDSYSTEM! Cyant miss! ❤️💛💚

Friday 23/12 – From 21h till 3h
Jh de Vonk, 2440 Geel
€3 Entrance

▶️ Roots Garage Soundsystem
What started of as a few boxes stacked together in a little garagebox in Bruges, has since then turned into a well-designed & high power soundsystem. Spreading reggae music/culture through fire selection and wonderful sessions (remember Satta Massagana? 🔥) at Entrepot, JH Comma.

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