Unity Dance | Studio Humble (B) | Willemeen, Arnhem | 24-06-2023


Willemeen, Arnhem






24 Jun 2023
Willemeen & Sister Marlou presents: “Unity Dance” Come along and enjoy the vibes
Line up:
**Studio Humble (BE) (6 scoops)**
Studio Humble is a soundsystem from Belgium, they share some love, unity and good vibes all over the places. They play for the second time in NL. With 6 scoops this time inna Willemeen Arnhem. They organise much sessions and free festivals like Humble fest in the summer time.
**Selecta Red (NL) **
He’s collecting vinyls and playing as a dj on soundsystems and had 2 radio shows since the 90s. Also helps musicans and singers around the world with their music. Tonight he’s playing roots reggae dubwise music from now and then.
**Jah Defenders (NL) **
Jah Defenders 1994 faithfull warrior fe years and years and nuff tears playing roots and dubz in a gideon style, upfull ites.
**Tesfa Zion (Mic) (NL) Tesfa Zion **
**Sister Marlou (NL) Clarinet, Flute, Melodica**

Sister Marlou from Arnhem Netherlands I started playing instruments from a very young age like : tin whistle, guitar, clarinet and later on also melodica. In 2015 i learned about and got in contact with reggae and dub music it was an instant love. In 2015 a 7″ with Paul Fox called Truly Unique was the first. Afther that i played on dour festival in combination with Afrikan Simba and Murray Man and i visited other dubsessions. Also a 12″ with murray man – Mellow vibes is in the recordshops. Unity is a message i want to share.

Merchandise by:
Jah Love Creazions.
Vinyl group roots and culture

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