FULL SHOW: Twinkle Brothers @ Rastaplas Festival 2023

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Twinkle Brothers Rastaplas Festival

The Twinkle Brothers are a prominent reggae band formed in 1962 by brothers Norman and Ralston Grant in Falmouth, Jamaica. They have been active in the music scene for decades, gaining recognition for their distinctive sound and socially conscious lyrics. The group initially started as a gospel act, but later shifted towards reggae, incorporating elements of roots reggae, dub, and Rastafarian spirituality into their music/

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With members such as Eric Barnard, Karl Hyatt and Albert Green, their debut in 1966 with “Somebody Please Help Me” was well received. They collaborated with famous Jamaican producers and played a mix of calypso, soul, pop and reggae. Their 1975 debut album “Rasta Pon Top”, featuring Rastafarian-oriented songs, marked their unique sound.

Despite being let go by Virgin Records in the ’80s, Norman Grant continued to produce music under the Twinkle Brothers name. Their collaboration with Trebunie-Tutki since the 90s shows their versatility. The band, known for their powerful live performances, continues to perform globally and maintains a loyal fan base.