Roots and Dub Attic 76 – Selector Arie – Aba Shanti-I Label Mix

Roots and Dub Attic 76 – Selector Arie – Aba Shanti-I vinyl special: Gain Knowledge and Whisdom – World Cry – Blood Shanti – Shanti-Ites – The King Higways – Verseus – Menelik – I Fear No Evil – Concrete Stepper – Urban Rites – Bound to Fall – King of King – Batter Down – Ital Vital – Guidance – Lightening and Bless up Aba-Shanti-I crew, nuff love and big repect.

Bless up all and thnx for watching the session at the Roots and Dub Attic in Rotterdam. Please like, subscribe my channel and leave a message in the comments. Givin special thanks to the King of Kings who make all these things Possible. Thanks and praise also to the singers, players of instruments and producers. All activities of this channel are to spread the love and message from JAH.

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