ChillVille Festival adds Alpha Blondy to line-up

Alpha Blondy is the next act for the new ChillVille Festival in Breda. The Ivorian reggae ambassador will headline on Saturday 29 June. Alpha Blondy, born Seydou Koné on January 1, 1953, is an iconic Ivorian reggae musician. He is a global ambassador of African reggae music. With a career spanning several decades, Blondy has become a prominent figure in the world of reggae, known for his distinctive voice, socially conscious lyrics, and fusion of reggae with traditional African rhythms.

Blondy’s music often addresses political and social issues, advocating for peace, unity, and justice. His songs are characterized by a unique blend of reggae, dancehall, and traditional African influences. He is creating a sound that resonates with audiences across the globe. His commitment to using music as a tool for positive change has earned him widespread acclaim and admiration.

De specialist in alles wat met muziek te maken heeft

Alpha Blondy rose to international prominence in the 1980s with albums like “Jerusalem” and “Cocody Rock,” which featured hits like “Brigadier Sabari” and “Apartheid Is Nazism.” Throughout his career, he has collaborated with various artists and continued to release albums that showcase his musical versatility and cultural diversity.

Beyond his musical contributions, Alpha Blondy is recognized for his advocacy work and efforts to promote peace in Africa. His enduring influence on the global reggae scene and his dedication to social causes have solidified his status as a legendary and respected figure in the world of music.

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