Culture ft. Kenyatta Hill – Free Africa

Culture ft. Kenyatta Hill Free Africa – The legend of Culture’s Joseph Hill lives on through Kenyatta Hill. Together with the original Culture members. Albert Walker and Telford Nelson, Kenyatta Hill delivers a tuff reggae roots anthem. It’s called “Free Africa”. This music is recorded, produced and composed by Kenyatta Hill’s drummer Freddy Poncin. Through Mutima Productions and is distributed through the Rockers Artist Agency label. The mix has been done by Jah Works from Earthworks Studio Amsterdam.


Lead vocals – Kenyatta Hill
Backing vocals – Albert Walker, Telford Nelson and Censi Rock
Drums, keys and percussion – Freddy Poncin
Bass and picking guitar – Michael Fletcher
Keys – Felitciano Burnett
Lead guitar – Dinesh Badri
Rhythm guitar – Masauso Chongwe
Horns – Courtesy by Juno

Culture ft. Kenyatta Hill Free Africa is Available on all digital streaming platforms. From the 8th of May 2020. Special 7 inch cuts with additional dub versions plus high bit rate. Versions of “Free Africa” are available through Earthworks Studio Amsterdam & Rockers Artist Agency. For bookings and information: /

Joseph Hill symbolized the face of Culture. He died in Berlin, Germany on 19 August 2006. The group was on tour, after collapsing following a performance. His son, Kenyatta Hill performed with his father’s band at the Western Consciousness show in 2007. This performance was dedicated to Joseph Hill. He became the lead singer of Culture; Walker and Nelson continue to provide backing vocals