Horace Andy & Dub Asante band naar TivoliVredenburg in Utrecht

Horace Andy & The Dub Asante band are coming to TivoliVredenburg in Utrecht. The Jamaican reggae veteran has now started his third career. In the seventies he had his first glory days: with the legendary Studio One label He scored hits such as Skylarking, Every Tongue Shall Tell and Mr. Bassie, all sung with his characteristic falsetto voice. Because of his collaboration with the English trip-hop band Massive Attack (Andy can be heard on all five of their albums) he was in the spotlight again in the nineties. 2022 saw the release of his most recent album Midnight Rocker, produced by dub legend Adrian Sherwood of On-U Sound!

Andy’s vocal style is characterized by its haunting, falsetto-tinged delivery. Which adds a unique and memorable quality to his music. His repertoire encompasses a wide range of styles within the reggae genre. Including roots reggae, rocksteady, and dub. He has released numerous solo albums and has contributed vocals to countless tracks. Tracks by other artists, solidifying his status as a reggae icon.

Beyond Horace Andy’s work with Massive Attack, Andy’s solo hits include classics like “Skylarking,” “Money Money,” and “Mr. Bassie.” His influence extends beyond reggae, with his music often sampled and covered by artists across various genres. Horace Andy remains an influential figure in the world of reggae, celebrated for his exceptional talent and enduring contributions to the genre.

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