Omar Perry naar Rastaplas Festival

Omar Perry will perform at the Rastaplas Festival in Zoetermeer at the Noord-AA Strand. What a beautifull day this will be… no words to say…  Omar Perry, son of the legendary Lee “Scratch” Perry, has been walking the tightrope between old and new in the Reggae world since 2007.  Raised and shaped in the heyday of the Black Ark, many will old fellows the voice and sound of his father, but with the more modern sometimes also recognize those of Jah Mason or Warrior King in the music of Omar. In addition to his own work, Omar will also pay tribute during the performance by side.

Omar Perry, born in Kingston, Jamaica, is a notable reggae artist, following in the footsteps of his legendary father, Lee “Scratch” Perry. Carrying on the family tradition, Omar has carved out his own niche in the reggae scene with his distinctive style and powerful voice. He’s known for infusing traditional reggae rhythms with modern elements, creating a sound that resonates with audiences worldwide.

Omar’s music often explores themes of social justice, love, and spirituality, reflecting the essence of classic reggae while adding his unique perspective. With a growing discography and a captivating stage presence, Omar Perry continues to make his mark on the global reggae community, earning recognition and respect for his contributions to the genre.

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