Jamaican Musical History in Amstelveen: The Pioneers

It’s that time again, Jamaican musical history at P60. Step into the reggae time machine and let yourself be carried away by the sun-drenched sounds of the legendary Jamaican vocal group: The Pioneers! With an influential history steeped in classics, they promise to deliver a show on April 20th at P60 in Amstelveen that you absolutely can’t miss.

Since the early 1960s, The Pioneers have enriched the reggae world with their unmistakable style. Their blend of rocksteady, reggae, and soulful harmonies has produced timeless hits, from “Long Shot Kick de Bucket” to “Let Your Yeah Be Yeah.” For decades, The Pioneers have enchanted stages worldwide with their infectious energy and timeless tunes. Yet, their magic doesn’t halt at history, as The Pioneers remain an unwavering pillar in the world of reggae.

On April 20, 2024, The Pioneers, George Dekker & Jackie Robinson, will grace the stage at P60. You have the opportunity to witness this musical journey through time. But that’s not all! The beloved Boss Capone & Patsy will open the evening with their own new music.
Setting the perfect vibe for the legendary sounds of The Pioneers. It’s an evening filled with old-school Jamaican music that’ll make your heart beat faster and your soul dance.

So mark that date on your calendar, gather your friends, grab your tickets, and head to P60 in Amstelveen for a delightful night brimming with reggae, positive vibes, and an unforgettable journey with The Pioneers.

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