NEW: Lyrical Benjie – Sounds of Reality (Easy Time Productions)

DJ EWA & Easy-Time Productions are proud to present… “Sound Of Reality EP” featuring Lyrical Benjie, Hornsman Coyote, Dinesh Badri. The 4-Track 10″ Vinyl cut has an alternative vinyl-only vocal mix & an extra vinyl-only dub version on the A-side. The B-side has an extended discomix version of the instrumental .

Much Thanks to the singers & players of instruments & also respects to Earth Works, Zen Social, Noble Chanters, Pine Dub, Rapha Pico, Rastaplas, Caprice Amsterdam, Dready Niek, Dj Reggae Barbie & everyone who has supported DJ EWA & Easy-Time Productions over the years.

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Released March 16, 2024

Vocals – Lyrical Benjie
Trombone – Hornsman Coyote
Guitars – Dinesh Badri
Drums: Freddy Poncin
Bass & Keys: Ben King

Recorded & Mixed by Kingsway
at Earth Works Studio in Amsterdam

Produced by DJ Ewa & Ben King for
Easy-Time Productions / Earth Works Outernational