NEW RELEASE: Prince Echo – Bootleg Mixtape

Dub Disciple presents Prince Echo! Prince’s first release is a bootleg mixtape in his own take on vapor dub style, featuring some of reggae’s great vocalists and toasters. Also, check out Echo’s own band camp page at: prince¬† Expect more releases in the future!

Dub Disciple loves faders, blinking lights, endless delays and spring reverbs. Starting out as a dj with Boomshakalak¬†Soundsystem, he moved on to make his own dubs. Which led to two 12″releases on Segnale Digitale, featuring none other than Horace Andy and Johnny Clarke. New releases are upcoming, new music is always in the making. Forward ever, backward never.

Bandcamp: Prince Echo – Bootleg Mixtape | Prince Echo | Dub Disciple (