NEW Release: Rapha Pico ft. Shiwa – Them and Those (Noble Chanters Production, 2021)

Rapha Pico – Them and Those is featuring the powerful voice & words of Shiwa is the first release in a series of singles with other Artists in the Dutch reggae scene, presented by Noble Chanters Productions & Earth Works Studio, Amsterdam. This series of Noble Chanter 7″s represents & demonstrates how coming together in unity is the essence and foundation of what builds communities.. For the sessions – the musicians & artists were all invited to the studio together, all the music & lyrics were written & recorded on the day without prior planning. Vibes is the main ingredient used during the session!

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Vocals: Rapha Pico & Shiwa


Drums: “Steady” Freddy Poncin
Bass: Kay Hasselbaink
Guitars: Dinesh Badri
Keys: Kay Hasselbaink
Percussions: “Steady” Freddy Poncin Lyrics by Rapha Pico & (Shiwa)

Music by Rapha Pico & The Noble Chanters
Recorded & Mixed at Earth Works Studio, Amsterdam
Engineered by Kingsway
A-Side mix by Jah Rej & Kingsway
B-Side mix by Kingsway & Rapha Pico
Produced by Rapha Pico & Ben King for Noble Chanters Productions
Special thanks to Noble Chanters, Zen Social, JamJam Sound, ShiwaDamRu Music, Earth Works Studio & Jah Works.

Rapha Pico ft Shiwa & The Noble Chanters – Them and Those (Noble Chanters Production, 2021) (Earth Works Studios, Amsterdam)