Reggaeville Easter Special 2024 in Amsterdam: DUB Inc, Anthony B & Eek A Mouse


A brand new edition of Reggaeville Easter Special 2024 @ the iconic Melkweg in Amsterdam with Eek A Mouse, Anthony B, DUB Inc en Yaksta. The Reggaeville Easter Special is an annual event hosted by Reggaeville. This is a prominent online platform dedicated to reggae music and culture. This special event typically takes place around the Easter holiday. It serves as a celebration of reggae music with a diverse lineup of artists from around the world.

It’s a gathering that brings together reggae enthusiasts, musicians, and fans. An unforgettable evening filled with live performances, DJ sets, and cultural activities. The Reggaeville Easter Special serves as a platform for both established and emerging artists to showcase their talent. Fostering a sense of community and unity among reggae lovers while honoring the genre’s heritage and evolution.

The Reggaeville Easter Special stands out for its commitment to showcasing reggae’s diverse facets, including roots, dub, dancehall, and contemporary fusion styles. With its inclusive and welcoming ambiance, the event promotes cultural exchange, educates attendees about reggae’s global impact, and fosters an environment of harmony and celebration.

ANTHONY B & House of Riddim
EEK-A-MOUSE & House of Riddim
YAKSTA & House of Riddim

WWW: Reggaeville Easter Special 2024 | Melkweg Amsterdam

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