Samora nominated for ‘Impact Award Reggae’ @ Caribbean Music Awards 2024

Swiss-based Reggae and Dancehall singer Samora is nominated for the second time for a Caribbean Music Award. After winning in the category “Best New Artist Reggae” in 2023 she now is a nominee in the category “Impact Award Reggae” 2024. This nomination “recognizes a significant impact on the music industry with her innovative approach, unique style, and groundbreaking contributions. The award celebrates artists who have broken through barriers and captivated audiences. The artists left a lasting impression on the music landscape” (

This nomination testifies the development of the Surinam-born Dutchwoman. From an up-and-coming talent to an established, internationally active artist and performer and the growing interest in her outstanding work. For Samora, the nomination is another highlight in her career. It’s proof of her ceaseless work on a international level. The new nomination puts Samora’s adopted home of Switzerland and its vibrant music scene in the spotlight again. As much as her country of birth, Suriname. She will pave the way for the versatile and accomplished young singer to pursue bigger projects with artists and at venues around the globe.

The award celebration takes place on August 29, 2024 at a glamorous gala event in the auditorium of the legendary Kings Theatre in Brooklyn, New York. Voting ends on Sunday, June 30th. Having taken place for the first time in 2023, the Caribbean Music Awards celebrates the Caribbean community’s culture and recognizes the great influence of styles such as Reggae, Dancehall, Soca and Kompa on the music scene worldwide.

Samora Caribbean Music Award