Rotterdamse reggaeband ‘Jah Reflection’ brengt nieuwe single ‘Unconditional Love’ uit


Jah Reflection – Unconditional LoveWe are an upcoming reggae band from Rotterdam. In the last few years, we won a regional Award and played as supporting act at the biggest reggae festival and one of the biggest Pop Festivals in the Netherlands, respectively Reggae Lake and Park Pop. We think that our story would feature nicely on your platform. We are from a new wave of reggae artists in Rotterdam. Our songs mainly seek to be the voice for unity. We aim at having a fresh sound with our three female vocalists and combination with two keyboardists. 

Our latest release 
Our next single “Unconditional Love” reminds us to be mindful. It reminds us that every living being on earth has the same life force. Realizing this empowers us to keep giving love to one another. No one said it would be easy but true love is unconditional. It can’t be stopped!


Jah Reflection is a reggae band from Rotterdam (Netherlands). As an upcoming act, they are no stranger to the reggae scene in the Netherlands, playing in numerous venues in Rotterdam, Amsterdam, The Hague, Harlem, Arnhem etc. Recently, they are gaining more traction within the reggae community and outside of it. In 2019, they won the Park Pop People Stage Award and thus performed their music as support act at one of the biggest pop music festivals in the Netherlands.

Later that year they played at the biggest reggae festival in the Netherlands, Reggae Lake. Standing as a supporting act alongside more established international reggae-acts like Alpha Blondy, Ziggy Marley, Etana, Jah cure, Third World, Don Carlos, Busy Signal and many more! In 2020, they released their first two singles, War Child and Dya Dya Uma. Their second single (with official music video) reached the annual top 40 in Suriname. In 2021 they released “Underdog” , “Don’t give up” and “Illusion”. With Underdog they reached more than 10.000 views for the first time.

Jah Reflections new release “Unconditional Love” is there to remind us that true love is unconditional, love is free, love is accepting you and me. The band started in 2015 with one unifying goal namely, leaving a positive mark on this world through music. Spreading a message of unity in solving social issues! While reggae music is one of the most obvious genres to highlight these issues, the band loves mixing this iconic genre with heavy doses of Rock, Jazz, Afro-rhythm and everything nice. This gives them a unique sound.  
“We are just grateful to have been given the privilege to meet new people and share a message of unity with them.”      
Jah Reflection–