Leroy Sibbles and Errol Dunkley to Melkweg in Amsterdam

Two Jamaican reggae legends Leroy Sibbles and Errol Dunkley are coming to Melkweg in Amsterdam!! A special evening with two real reggae legends: Leroy Sibbles and Errol Dunkley! Leroy Sibbles is best known as the singer and bassist of The Heptones and has been a central figure in the reggae scene for decades. With The Heptones, as a session musician at Studio 1 and solo, he has been bringing soul, R&B and reggae together since 1965 and is one of the most influential artists in the genre.

With him comes Errol Dunkley, another well-known name in the Jamaican music world. He has also been working on the road for more than five decades and is known for hits such as ‘Black Cinderella’ and ‘OK Fred’. His distinctive voice and unique style have left an indelible mark on reggae! The show will be on the 14th of June and doors are open around 19.30 hrs.

De Melkweg, Dutch for “The Milky Way,” is a renowned cultural venue in Amsterdam. Originally a dairy factory, it transformed into a countercultural hub in the 1970s. Hosting concerts, club nights, exhibitions, and theater performances, it became synonymous with Amsterdam’s vibrant arts scene. Its eclectic programming caters to diverse tastes, from indie rock to electronic music and beyond. With multiple stages and a capacity for over 1,500 visitors. De Melkweg continues to be a pulsating center for creativity and expression in the heart of the Dutch capital.

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