NEW: Skankin’ Monks (Amsterdam) ft. Kenyatta Hill – Babylons Big Dog

The Skankin’ Monks featuring Kenyatta Hill making a big tribute to his father, the legendary Culture vocalist, Mr. Joseph Hill. Babylon’s Big Dog is a rearranged remake of the Culture classic from 1982’s Lion Rock LP. The Skankin’ Monks are a reggae formation from Amsterdam that gets inspiration from several styles.

In 2013, they had a big hit with singer ‘CHEZIDEK’s “ALL MY LIFE” – Since then they collaborated with artists like Eek-A-Mouse, Meta Dia, Kenyatta Hill & Christos DC etc.. The Monks meditate on the music they’re creating & they have only one goal; to let everyone enjoy the musical zen in unity.

Babylons Big Dog 2022
Recorded, mixed & produced by The Skankin’ Monks.

Skankin’ Monks ft Kenyatta Hill – Babylons Big Dog – credits

released July 28, 2022

Lead vocals: Kenyatta Hill
Backing vocals: Kenyatta Hill, Christos DC, Michelle
Drums and percussion: Chris Elandt
Bass and Guitars: Michael Knabe
Keys: Sander Baas
Sax: Rob Berends
Trumpet: Ruud Kleiss
Trombone: Obed Brinkman

Mix & Production: The Skankin’ Monks @ De Geluiderij Amsterdam

FB: Skankin Monks
Bandcamp: ▶︎ The Skankin Monks (

Skankin’ Monks

Authentic beats with a new vibe, this is what The Skankin’ Monks are all about, a reggae formation from Amsterdam who can’t be generalized. The band gets its inspiration from several styles that can be heard on their tracks, like reggae, rocksteady, soul, hip-hop and dub, They also work with singers from various genres to create some new and unique styles.

The band name The Skankin’ Monks is very appropriate, As monks they meditate on the music that they create. Smooth bass lines, powerful drums and dub effects, this makes this band both unique and original. The Skankin’ Monks have a great passion for this music that reaches a broad audience, and they have only one goal, to let everyone enjoy this wonderful blend of cultures.