Roots and Dub Attic #78 – Selector Arie – Heavyweight Vinyl Mix

Roots and Dub Attic #78 – Roots Reggae and Dub to Steppers mix. Heavyweight Vinyl session new tunes, Selector Arie live from his homebase “the Roots and Dub Attic” Listen now 🙏🔥❤️💛💚 The last session of the year. Thnx for following my channel en the lovely message in the comments It’s a bless to read that you apricated my daily uploads and live session. I wish you all the goods, peace, love and unity for the next year. Remeber, when your live is strugling, in hard and ruff times, when you feel lonely JAH is there. Jah bless, Arie

Bless up all and thnx for watching the Roots and Dub Attic, please like, subscribe my channel and leave a message in the comments. Givin special thanks to the King of Kings who make all these things Possible. Thanks and praise also to the singers, players of instruments and producers. All activities of this channel are to spread the love and message from JAH. The possibility to make money through adds and propaganda has been refused to the max!! Beat down babylon! If you have any problems with us spreading the productions we share then send us a private message and we will remove the content. Music is the mission not a competition. One love one aim one destiny!

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