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Chezidek and the TuffSound Band are set to perform in P60 in Amstelveen. Chezidek is a roots reggae singer. He is known for his hit singles Call Pon Dem (used in GTA IV), Can’t Hear Must Feel, Inna Di Road, All My Live and Leave De Trees. The concert will take place on December 14 and the doors will open at 20:00.

About Chezidek

His first number one hit Leave The Trees on the Our Promotion label, produced by Hugh Miller (aka Bunny Dan) landed on the BBC Top 10 dancehall chart. Since then, he has performed at major events such as Magnum Sting, Teen Splash, Dancehall Jam Jam, Bob Marley Tribute and Tribute to Peter Tosh, Rebel Salute, and Western Consciousness. He was named Best New Artist by the Jamaica Federation of Music and Affiliated Artiste (JFM) for Middlesex County.

Chezidek his music blends traditional reggae rhythms with modern sounds, appealing to both old-school reggae lovers and newer audiences. Over the years, he has collaborated with prominent producers and artists, further cementing his place in the reggae scene. Known for his live performances, Chezidek captivates audiences with his energetic stage presence and heartfelt messages. His contributions to reggae music continue to inspire and uplift listeners around the world.

Chezidek’s album Inna Di Road was produced by Bobby “Massive B” Konders and released by Greensleeves Records in September 2007. Call Pon Dem from his album Inna Di Road can be heard on the Massive B Sound system (station) in Grand Theft Auto 4 and it also appears on the official GTA IV soundtrack.

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