Royal Sounds & Visaka – Rise pon dem

Royal Sounds return with another heavyweight Roots Reggae single. This tune features angelic vocals from an artist they are currently collaborating called Visaka! Rise Pon Dem is recorded in their own studio in North London UK. The song has a modern Hip-Hop feel to it whilst still maintaining the original Reggae groove. It is filled with conscious lyrics from Ras Sempah, Hannibal & Visaka. Also along with the music video is a futuristic dub mix by Luis “Thunder” Bonilla!

‘Royal Sounds’ are a roots reggae band hailing from London, UK – formed in September 2012. They can be seen as a band of the future. The line-up includes: one of the brothers (Ajani) on bass, the other brother (Gyasi) on guitar, vocals delivered from (Ajani and Gyasi’s cousin) Hannibal and also Ras Sempah. The production side of ‘Royal Sounds’ is carried out by the brothers. They have been producing/arranging and playing music from Ajani was about 13 and Gyasi began at around 14. Ajani deals with the bass and the keyboards and Gyasi handles the drums and guitar as seen in their ‘producing a reggae instrumental video. The brothers have been learning their main instruments (bass and guitar) from their father Ras Alkebu (played lead guitar in the band Prince Lincoln & the Royal Rasses) since they were toddlers