SummerJam Festival toch verplaatst naar de zomer van 2022

SummerJam festival 2021 cancelled. SummerJam Festival wordt na eerdere positieve en hoopvolle berichten toch verplaatst naar de zomer van 2022. Lees hieronder de verklaring van de organisatie:

“For the last days, weeks and months, the idea of returning to the lake, reuniting with the whole Summerjam Family and having a great festival with you has given us the optimism to keep working on Summerjam 2021. Right now, it’s really hard for us and, to be quite honest, today is a particularly depressing day: we have to sadly inform you that the double anniversary edition of our beloved Summerjam will unfortunately be postponed for another year. Until now, we had still hoped so much that the situation would ease. But developments leave little room for building more castles in the air. In our eyes and we hope you see it that way too – Summerjam would be taken away its spirit and atmosphere by the attempt. to hold it under hygiene-specific conditions.

Too many uncertainties remain, especially the question of the travel regulations of the different countries. At the moment we are in contact with the artists to retain the line-up for our next Summerjam Family Reunion. We will keep you updated on the exact program in the next few months. But one thing is clear: we will do our best to present you with a worthy anniversary line-up!