Wadada Pt. 5 Love & Only Love | Geel, Belgium | 21-05-2022


Schransdijk, Geel




21 mei 2022
Wadada Festival 2022 – Channel One Soundsystem
Part 5: Love & Only Love!
☛ One Love Area:
🎵 Channel One (UK)
🎵 Keety Roots (UK)
🎵 High’r Ites & Wally Nesta
🎵 Wise Men
🎛 All on Waga Waga Soundsystem
🎛 Uptown Hi-Fi
☛ Tickets?
Available soon!
☛ Parking and camping?
There is free parking and camping at the festival.
☛ When?
Saturday 21th of May 2022!
Music starts at 2 in the afternoon so forward early!
☛ Where?
Schransdijk 2440 Geel is the place to be! It’s a 30 minute walk from the train station.
Wadada Pt5 – Channel One Soundsystem: When you come and go, please keep the noise on the streets to a minimum. And as always: no drugs, no violence, no vandalism, strictly positive vibes.